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January 28, 2015

Antique Ash Flooring | Reclaimed Ash Flooring


The Amazing Beauty of Reclaimed Antique Ash Flooring

Our antique ash flooring is created from sawing old beams into lumber and then milling piece by piece into antique wood flooring. This floor contains hairline aging stress cracs, knots and occasional nail holes. The grain pattern is truly amazing.

Antique Ash Flooring Gallery

Antique Wood, Ash Wood Flooring
Antique Wood, Ash Wood Flooring

Antique Ash Flooring

Reclaimed Antique Ash Flooring: Antique black ash flooring is sawn from historical beams. This wood varies from light brown to dark creamy. Antique ash wood is very hard and can be sometimes confused with antique oak wood as it has similar grain patterns but features a more consistent blend of golden brown coloration. This reclaimed antique wood has tight, dense grain and unique flexibility which makes it an excellent wood flooring choice for radiant heat installations.

Wood flooring
3 to 12 inches wide
3 to 14 feet
Tong & Groove / Square edge

We supply our customers with antique wood that meets or exceeds their quality standards. Our reclaimed antique woods are carefully sourced in order to ensure satisfaction.

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